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My Official Position On Vaccine Mandate For Kids

Huntington Beach, CA-I respectfully agree to disagree with Governor Newsom on today’s decision. Although I believe COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, I do not support a mandate for students younger than 16 years old. If all the adults in the State of CA did the responsible thing and got vaccinated, children would not have to be subjected to such mandates. Thus far, we have not required schoolteachers and staff to be vaccinated in a mandatory fashion, yet some are wanting to shift a major societal responsibility to children, and that’s unacceptable to me. Even CA’s prison population is not under a mandate to be vaccinated. However, herd immunity can be reached via adult vaccination and it’s time for the adults in the preverbal room to actually act like it. We adults need to step it up and shoulder this, and do what’s right, so that our children can be left to develop to adolescence.

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