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OVSD Board Continues to Save Open Space

Huntington Beach, CA-Last night during the Trustees Roundtable, I praised members of the board for being the number one providers of open space and youth sports fields in Huntington Beach and beyond. We at OVSD never sell any school sites or fields. We have preserved 314 acres of open public land since the 1950’s. As a current board member, I will not allow any open space to be sold. OVSD has 25 sites and operates 16 as current school sites. The others are leased which brings in revenue to the district. We are the landlords of Walmart, Lowes, and multiple other businesses, like perochial schools, preschools, day cares, dance studios and more. These businesses bring in over $2.2M in revenue to pay back COPs debt, and for capital improvements as prescribed by CA law. Once open space is gone, there’s no way to get it back. Also, little know fact, bedsides the 25 sites, the OVSD also owns, yet leases 7 pocket parks to the City of HB for just a $1 per year. We do this so that everyone can enjoy fresh air, green grass, and a place to relax. We have given our commitment to save our community’s parks, provide playing fields to the majority of HB’s kids, and to preserve precious green open spaces for generations to come. This is a legacy to be proud of. Thank you OVSD residents for untrusting us to manage this land!

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