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Campaign for HB City Council

Huntington Beach, CA-We are back in the USA from our trip abroad, and so proud to be Americans. We always learn so much about what it means live in a democratic nation and what it truly means to be free. When we travel, we are always happy to come home. This year is extra special because it’s an election year and I’m proud to announce, once more, that I’m running for the Huntington Beach City Council on November 8, 2022. I am even more honored to be supported by amazing leaders and organizations who believe in my ability to work for the people of HB. In the next coming weeks and months I’ll be reaching out to voters to meet and talk about issues facing our city and beyond. Please feel free to message me to learn more about my positions or to get on our campaign email list for more information about the upcoming election. Thank you for your consideration 🇺🇸!

Paid for by Committee to Re-Elect Gina Clayton-Tarvin for Ocean View School District 2020, FPPC # 1413559
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