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Clayton-Tarvin Speaks Out at HBCC


Huntington Beach, CA-Tuesday night, I spoke at the Huntington Beach City Council meeting about 3 important issues. I honestly cannot believe that in the United States of America, in the year 2023, the majority of us public speakers had to explain that taking away voting rights, banning books, and being antisemitic is wrong, yet, here we are. The alt right extremist 4 members of the Council majority were at it again. They voted to support a City Charter Amendment that will disenfranchise citizens, to install Soviet-level voter surveillance on voters with cameras to track the moves of average people. Then to matters worse, they voted to a create a completely unnecessary communist-style “oversight panel” to ban books at the public city libraries with no set guidelines or appeals process. This authoritarianism is mind boggling, and deeply un-American. Lastly, I spoke in opposition to council member Gracey Van Der Mark and her false flag support of condemning Hamas. I spoke against antisemitic propaganda. We see through blatant antisemitism, but also even greater hate for Muslims. Our city council is in complete disarray in its intolerance and bigotry. Time for the real work to begin to rid Huntington Beach of hatred and extremism.

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