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CNN Interview on QAnon Infiltration into HB

Huntington Beach, CA-Thanks go out to CNN’s Anderson Cooper and journalist Sara Sidner for informing our nation about what has been occurring in our Orange County community. Sidner interviewed me along with several HB City Council members, and community residents about QAnon conspiracy theories infiltrating local government. Former Mayor Pro Tem Ortiz has made controversial anti-masking comments during the entire pandemic. He’s refused to wear a mask on OVSD campuses, even at the height of the COVID surge in December 2020. When asked to do so to attend in-person city council meetings when they resumed this year, he declined again, prompting council members to continue to meet online for months. He then appeared at an anti-mask protest at the Orange County Department of Education on Monday, May 18, 2021, and stated that he instructed his children to defy their teachers, and take their masks off while in class. The following day, Ortiz’s girlfriend Amber Miller filmed his sons in the morning with instructions to be “strong” and keep their masks off and defy school district rules. Miller posted this video on the internet in hopes that it would be shared far and wide, calling the school district safety protocols abusive and instructed the children to “not let their teachers bully them into wearing masks.” CA has reiterated as of yesterday that masks remain mandatory in school settings to safeguard schoolchildren who are a population that are completely unvaccinated for COVID-19 if under 11 years old.

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