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Critical Recap from Last Night's Board Meeting, Watch Now

Huntington Beach, CA-Last night the Board of Trustees met in open session at a regular meeting to discuss critical issues. Please see list for highlights and watch the entire meeting to understand in full. Very important, take the time to view meeting.
1. School begins online for general education students on 9/9.
2. In-person schooling for general education students can commence on 9/22 if numbers stay low. DO YOUR PART, OC. Follow Governor’s orders. Wear a mask, bring numbers down.
3. In-person schooling for moderate/severe SDC special needs students on 9/9. District staff will contact parents with info.
4. In-person schooling for other SDC students on 9/14. District staff will contact parents with info.
5. We will not apply for a CA waiver for SDC, in fact, it would hurt OVSD 6-8th graders, locking them out from services, as waiver is only for K-5 per order.
(*Waivers for all K-5 special education have been denied by OC/CA thus far.)
6. OVSD Board has hired legal counsel to assist us on issues of special education and we have fought to make this happen.
7. The Board has reduced Kids Club fees, by agreeing to SUBSIDIZE families. Call OVSD for info on new rates, and to sign up if you have not done so already and need child care.
8. Bussing from Marine View to Interim Site at Sun View, I’m willing to bring issue back for the entire board to discuss the matter. More news to come.

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