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Trustee Comments From 5/11/21

Huntington Beach, CA-As a longtime classroom teacher and board member, I will ALWAYS stand up for those who care for our children, day in and day out, our school employees. I believe in public education, the work of all of our staff, and will defend them when under attack. Unfortunately, my colleague Trustee Westwell has made it a bad habit of degrading teachers and classified staff at every single board meeting, calling them names and attacking them. These sorts of inappropriate comments are not only rude, but violate board policy, a total lack of decorum. This is Staff Appreciation Week, and his comments were uncalled for. All OVSD staff reading this, please know the board majority believes in you and your work for our children. You always remain professional and live and work by the same principles you teach in lessons to our children. I will continue to rebut my colleague when spreads defamatory information. Thank you to all of the employees of OVSD you do, we appreciate you!

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