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Special Board Meeting-COVID19 Safety Plan

Huntington Beach, CA-Tonight the OVSD Board of Trustees convened a Special Meeting to learn about the District’s COVID-19 Prevention Plan. This new plan is required by CDPH to begin the 2021-2022 school year. Topics discussed were testing protocols for those who have been exposed on campus, quarantining guidelines, the independent study process, issues of vaccination and more. Pay no attention to the conspiracies circulating in our community, you can count on us to follow the expert health guidance, safeguard your students, and protect their rights to be secure while in our care. School board members, like myself, have a legal obligation to enforce mask mandates, and face possible criminal penalties if we refuse to do so per the CA Penal Code. At OVSD, we will follow the law. Masks will remain mandatory for all students and staff while inside school buildings, and voluntary while outside. COVID testing will not be mandatory for students, but offered on campus as part of a set of protocols for returning to class if exposed. Vaccinations will not be offered at our school sites to children, and there is NO mandate for kids to be vaccinated in California at all, despite what some unscrupulous players are spreading as unfounded rumor. Ignore the noise, and rest assured that, our number one priority is our students.

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