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Student Volunteers-Election 2022

Huntington Beach, CA-Some say, Gen Z are not interested in politics and their own future, but I know they are. All along, from day one of starting my campaign for Huntington City Council, I’ve had a steady stream of student volunteers. They love being engaged. From canvassing to lit drops, to sign hanging, they have done a lot. I’d like to thank my own son, Tony, a senior at HBHS for organizing his friends to come out and volunteer every single week since September. Thanks to OVSD’s Vice President Patricia Singer,’s girls for helping as well. It’s a full team effort. Some of these students will be first time voters this midterm 2022 too, and they are thrilled to be part something that is uniquely American, our election process. Thank you HBUHSD students for your help, you are showing us adults what the future looks like, and it’s bright 🇺🇸!

Paid for by Committee to Re-Elect Gina Clayton-Tarvin for Ocean View School District 2020, FPPC # 1413559
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