Fort Irwin, CA-What an amazing experience we had with the U.S. Army at National Training Center. We headed out, and were in flight to a tour of the “Box” to see how our Army trains for urban warfare as well as desert battles. Huntington Beach Mayor Pro Tem Mike Posey, LAUSD Vice President Nick Melvoin, Burbank Mayor Jess Talamontes, and I rode in a Blackhawk helicopter with a crew of 3, two pilots and a crew chief from Burbank airport. We flew over the Hollywood Hills, the Griffith Observatory, Toluca Lake and out over the mountains and past Barstow to then land at Painted Rocks. In 112 degree heat (45 Celsius) we took a bus through the fort city, and then out to the NTC, and eventually the “Box.” We got to repel into a subterranean tunnel, went through the mock “city” for a battle, we got to participate in a raid in the “Lane,” handle and shoot weapons of war, suit up to go into armored vehicles including tanks. We even got to eat a Meal Ready-to-Eat (MRE), that heated up with a magical heating-agent packet. We saw the beautiful horses of the 11th ACR Horse Detachment. Best of all, we got to sit down with the men of the Blackhorse Regiment, the soldiers that are based at NTC. We learned from them about what they face and they asked us for help with recruiting efforts and to bring the Army’s message to civilians. It was a wonderful experience. Thanks to all of soldiers who defend us day in and day out. Go Army๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ!

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